2024 Fellowship Award Recipients

Colorado Mountain Club Foundation 2024 Awards

The Colorado Mountain Club Foundation (CMCF) is pleased to announce their 2024 fellowship and grant awards. The CMCF’s mission is to raise, manage, and distribute funds to support the stewardship, conservation, education, and other programs of the Colorado Mountain Club and other similar organizations. Each year, the Foundation solicits applications from undergraduate and graduate students whose research is focused on the Rocky Mountain region and is consistent with the CMC mission.

This year CMCF received 23 applications and presented 11 awards. The top four outstanding applicants were awarded a named fellowship: other worthy applicants received grants of $500 to $1000.

  • Anderson, Eva, MS student at Western Colorado University: An assessment of the macroinvertebrate community within the Burrows Creek fen complex before and after mining pollution mitigation in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado, $2,000 Gerstle Fellowship
  • Pierce, Samuel, PhD student at Stanford University: Beaver dam analog influence on floodplain hydro-biogeochemistry, $2,000 Ossinger Fellowship
  • Ruef, Juliann, MS student at University of Colorado – Boulder: Defining rock glacier dynamics to probe Colorado’s Holocene climate, $2,000 Kindig Fellowship
  • Tennenbaum, Stavi, PhD student at Princeton University: Snowpack as an eco-evolutionary driver in a hibernating mammal, $2,000 Gehres Fellowship
  • Burgess, Emily, PhD student at Utah State University: Investigating plant adaptation to climate change through shifts in flower and seed microbiomes, $1,000
  • Kuhn, Theodore, MA student at University of Colorado – Boulder: How streams are changing due to climate change across the western US, $500
  • Lee, Erika, MS student at Colorado State University: The effects of wildfire on snowpack: tree char’s influence on snow accumulation and melt rates in montane forests, $500
  • Nichter, Kim, MS student at Colorado State University: Ecological effects of stream restoration following wildfires in the Colorado Front Range, $500
  • Slawson, Jake, PhD student at Colorado School of Mines; The early Paleogene: a glimpse of extreme warming, $500
  • Tobin, Kelly, MS student at University of Denver: Impact and strength of top-down forces on the establishment of biocontrol beetles in the genus Diorhabda, $500
  • Weinstock, Lauren, PhD student at Utah State University: The impacts of climate change on bee behavior across socio-ecological contexts, $500