The Colorado Mountain Club Foundation was established in 1973 by members of the Colorado Mountain Club and outdoor enthusiasts who were committed to seeing that the mission of the Club and other like-minded organizations would be carried-on in perpetuity so that future generations could access and responsibly enjoy the mountains and wild places of Colorado and beyond.

Today, the Foundation is overseen by volunteers who serve on a board of directors as well as on committees, and who share the commitment to ensuring Colorado’s mountains and wild places can be accessed and enjoyed safely and responsibly for years to come. The Foundation supports programs and organizations that provide education about mountains, including programs that teach individuals how to recreate responsibly and to honor such principles as ‘leave no trace.’

The Foundation also supports scholarships aimed at better understanding and preserving mountain ecosystems, including their unique flora, fauna and geography. The Foundation promotes access for all to Colorado’s wild places, while preserving the very nature of what makes places wild. With that, the Foundation supports stewardship programs such as trail building, erosion mitigation and land use education.